About us

We are a design and web solutions company based in Kabul , Afghanistan offering cost effective custom high-quality and professional web site design & ecommerce development solutions for small to large businesses in Afghanistan and countries around the globe. We provide strategic design services that enable our clients to increase sales, build brand awareness and increase customer reliability.

Our services are ranging from custom web page design, web site redesign, web site maintenance and web hosting, ecommerce, small business web design, custom graphics and identity design services to complex ecommerce store front and shopping cart development. We create visually appealing web sites that serve as a successful advertising tool for your company. If your web site doesn't look professional, no matter what product you're offering, your chance of success will be minimal. Our web design company has been creating award-winning website designs for over 10 years.

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We have substantial capability to present you efficiently to the web audience. Being the best web design company in Afghanistan we aim to establish long-term interaction with our clients based on conviction and dedication to producing best design and creating a web presence that is comprehensively unique representative of your business . From beginning to end, we offer full consultation and support all the way through the development of your project. Always, our goal is to deliver only the highest quality services in a responsive manner and at a competitive, value-added price. Though the costs are competitive, there is absolutely no compromise on quality. You can see this by visiting our design portfolio. Don't settle for low cost template work. You deserve a web site exclusively designed for you. All our work is custom designed and developed from scratch.

Let's be honest here...
You wouldn't ask a computer programmer to design you a website. Or would you?

Unfortunately these days most websites are designed by 'designers' with computer science degrees who have a very limited understanding of your business or of the importance of your website as a marketing tool. They are more interested in technology than they are in communication.
At hostzer we stick to 3 simple rules:

1. Websites must be designed by accredited designers, not computer science graduates with a passing understanding of marketing. Hostzer’s design team is accredited designers from College of Art, Afghanistan. They do the creative. Hostzer’s build team all has Computer Science degrees. They do the technology.

2. Websites must be designed for their market, not to impress the lads with the latest technologies and flashy light shows. To build an intuitive successful website the customer most is king, not the designer. At hostzer we do extensive market research and we involve the customer in every step of the design process. Only then are we being able to develop the website the business needs.

3. Websites must no longer be cheap online afterthoughts divorced from the offline market. They effect both online and offline business. Customers make offline buying decisions on the basis of the quality of a company's website. The business website is now the most crucial customer relationship tool. At hostzer we encourage our customers to put as much blood, sweat and tears into the design of their website as they do into their business.

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