WebSite Redesign

First impression is everything, and a web site needs to make the same first impression as the client walking into the business' front door. Have you had your existing web site analyzed to see if you are presenting your material in a manner that creates a desire to purchase your product or service? Here are questions you need to ask yourself when viewing your website design.

  • Is your website professional looking?
  • Does your website capture the attention of your visitor?
  • Do visitors stay at your website? do they buy?
  • Do you have the image you want your business to have?
  • Is your website design visually appealing?
  • Are your web pages slow loading?
  • Is the information visitors are looking for easy to find?
  • Is your website user friendly?

The most important question of all:

»Is your website serving the purpose for which it was build?

If your web site was thrown together a few years ago and it is not producing results then you may need to redesign it to meet today's standards. Without a clean and professional look all of the money and efforts to get visitors to your site will be wasted.

Some of the examples you see below are Clients that not only had outdated websites - but their websites were architectural nightmare! Leave all the worries to Hostzer - we can help you fix your website problems from start to finish!!

Before Redesign                             After Redesign

Before Redesign           After Redesign

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